June 2, 2017
ELSA acquires majority stake in Schwyzer Milchhuus AG
On 26.5.2017, Estavayer Lait S.A. (Elsa) acquired a majority interest in the company Schwyzer Milchhuus AG, increasing its stake from 34 to 60%. We have been a minority stakeholder in Schwyzer Milchhuus AG since 2010.

Founded in 1899, the company is one of the oldest and most traditional dairies in Switzerland. Focused on the production and marketing of pasteurised milk, yoghurts and cheese specialities, Schwyzer Milchhuus complements and expands our offering. This acquisition gives ELSA a foothold in major DLR markets.

Since they first acquired an interest in 2010, ELSA and Mifroma have been working increasingly in collaboration with Schwyzer Milchhuus. The commercial activities undertaken with Migros, Denner, Migrolino and other customers, whether or not they belong to the Migros group, are co-ordinated. Mifroma packages different cheeses for Schwyzer Milchhuus who, in return, produces pasteurised milk, yoghurts and most recently the famous "Cœur de Lait" for ELSA. In 2016, Schwyzer Milchhuus set up SAP with ELSA's support.

This collaboration will be stepped up in future. Schwyzer Milchhuus will be implementing our "M-Regio" concept for Lucerne, Zurich and Basel co-operatives, the Cœur de Lait product range will be expanded and, in the milk alternative channels plans are underway for the production of various yoghurts based on soya, almond and coconut milk. Schwyzer Milchhuus speciality cheese products will still be exported in the main by Mifroma, Schwyzer Milchhuus, while nonetheless continuing to operate under its own name in Switzerland, Austria and Germany.

The company will continue to be directed by Erich Reichmuth and financially independent. Processes will, however, be harmonised and some activities integrated into several fields, namely accounting, human resources and quality. M-Industrie standards will be put in place over the next few years.
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