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Located in Estavayer-le-lac, ELSA is the largest Swiss single-site dairy processing plant.

At ELSA, the high level of automation and expert management of processes and technologies enable us to manufacture an extremely wide range of products, while observing strict hygiene and quality requirements. Each year, we process more than 269 million kilos of milk.

ELSA has some 600 employees in more than 20 professions. Ever conscious of the environment, ELSA transports almost half of its goods by rail.

In 2004, ELSA took over the Moudon cheese factory. The company ceased operations at the site in 2010.

In October 2010, the ELSA-MIFROMA group signed a long-term partnership with the company Schwyzer Milchhuus, in Schwyz, Switzerland. This family-run dairy specialises particularly in the ripening, packaging and distribution of a number of Swiss speciality cheeses.

Lastly, ELSA also provides a logistical platform for the distribution of certain Swiss cheeses and others imported from France, Germany and Denmark.

1955Conserves Estavayer SA (CESA) founded by Gottlieb Duttweiler.
1956Operations start at the CESA company for canning peas, beans, gherkins, spinach and conserves.
1960Manufacture of dairy products begins at Estavayer-le-Lac.
1968CESA is the first company in Switzerland to market Tetra Brik packaging for milk.
1998CESA changes its name, becoming Estavayer Lait SA (ELSA).
2003ELSA becomes the industrial dairy of the Migros Community.
2004Moudon cheese factory taken over. Operations at the site ceased in April 2010.
2010Start of the partnership between ELSA-MIFROMA and Schwyzer Milchuus.

Key figures
Product range: 588 items
Building surface area : 37'670 m2
Number of employees :627 (2017)
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