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The MIFROMA company in Ursy specialises in the ripening and packaging of cheeses.

The company uses a cellars carved naturally out of sedimentary rock over thousands of years to ripen a variety of cheeses for several months: round, square, creamy, hard, mature, mild, Swiss or imported.

These cheeses are then packaged, labelled and put into storage using a fully automated process. Each day, hundreds of pallets are loaded into refrigerated trucks and shipped to our customers' points of sale.

1964MIFROMA founded by MM. Pierre Arnold and Jean Pasquier. Use of a cellar for ripening Gruyère.
1969Operations start at the packaging plant.
1993MIFROMA France founded
2008MIFROMA acquires the DÖRIG company in Urnäsch (AR).
2010Mifroma Foundation USA.
2011Opening of a new cave of Gruyère.
2012Operational start-up of Mifroma packing unit in Wittenbach.
201450 years of Mifroma.

Key figures
Portions packaged per day : 316'000 portions (2017)
Product range: 1052 items
SurfaCellar surface area : 10,680 m2
Number of employees : 260 (2017)
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