Managed processes

Leading milk processing company
Each day, between 800,000 and 1 million kilos of milk arrive at Estavayer-le-Lac and 700 tonnes of processed milk leave the plant.

In order to manage such vast quantities while satisfying hygiene, quality and profitability requirements, we have implemented strict and scrupulous processes from arrival to departure, and throughout the installations.

Our installations, the majority of which are automated, comply with the most up-to-date technological standards.

An expertly managed process

1. The milk arrives at Estavayer-le-Lac
Each inbound consignment is sampled, then analysed in order to ensure that the milk comes from the right manufacturer and its quality has not been compromised in any way.
This is done to detect any bacteriological residue, and the protein and fat values are calculated.

2. Order centre
Does the milk meet the quality criteria? It is then transported to the order centre.
Depending on its constituents and origin, it is allocated to the various different preparations (BIO products, yogurts, drinking milk, fromage frais, etc.)

3. Mixture processing
The milk is processed according to the recipes: removal of constituents (fat), addition of ingredients (cocoa), flavourings, sugar, etc.
The mixture is always checked in the laboratory to ensure it conforms to the basic recipe.

4. Manufacturing
The mixtures are heat treated at between 80°C and 130°C to ensure that the product is perfectly preserved.
The tanks are cleaned between each process.

5. Packaging
Packaging is a fully automated process. Before the operation, the product is subjected to organoleptic testing, as well as refraction, temperature and acidity measurements.
After filling, samples are tasted and subjected to microbiological analysis.

6. Exit and marketing
The packaged products are placed in storage, then sent to the shipping bay by pre-programmed machines.
This fully automated process, which complies with every step of the cold chain, enables 700 tonnes of product to be marketed every day.

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