Managed processes

The cheese ripening and packaging specialist

Unlike ELSA, a processing company, MIFROMA specialises in ripening and packaging.

These processes are no less rigorous. They combine a respect for tradition with automation, high quality and profitability.

An expertly managed process

1. The cheeses arrive at Ursy
The quality of the cheeses is already guaranteed by the various manufacturers and industry federations, who adhere to strict specifications.
However, for maximum stringency, on-line monitoring is carried out on the batches during registration to ensure that each cheese is of the required quality.

2. Storage and ripening
Ripening takes place in a ripening cellar, in a controlled climate of between 92 and 95% humidity and from 10°C to 14°C depending on the variety.
The length of the ripening period depends on the desired quality (from 5 to 14 months for a Gruyère). Throughout the entire process, daily checks are carried out by our master cheesemakers.

3. Cutting and grating
Depending on their intended use, the cheeses are either cut or grated, then packaged and weighed ready for marketing.
The machines are programmed in order to ensure an optimal cut according to predefined templates.

4. Packaging
When the packaging process begins, checks are carried out to ensure that the packaging is completely sealed.

5. Storage and preparation before shipping
Fromipac, our new logistics system, has been operational since 2008. It enables up to 100 pallets/hour to be sent to the shipping bays, and 65,000 cases can be stored as safety stock.
A strict pallet labelling system ensures that the products can be traced.
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