Managed processes
Guaranteed hygiene and quality

For fresh products, hygiene and quality are paramount. This is why ELSA-MIFROMA employs teams dedicated to carrying out checks and ensuring strict adherence to parameters and processes.

Chemical laboratory
At ELSA, the laboratory is responsible for analysing the milk in order to detect any inhibiting substances. The laboratory carries out the checks and issues authorisation based on the physical and chemical parameters of the finished and semi-finished products.
At MIFROMA, the laboratory checks that the packaging is properly sealed, and measures the levels of salt and degrees of ripeness.

Microbiological laboratory
This laboratory carries out analyses of the mixtures and cheeses.
ELSA-MIFROMA monitors the microbiological compliance of our products and the company's sanitary conditions.
MIFROMA carries out challenge tests at 1, 3 and 5 days (fresh, mid-data and data) on finished products, in order to detect any early yeast or mould formation and intervene before they are marketed.
Melt tests (eg. for Raclette) and tests for salt levels and degrees of ripening are also carried out.

Tasting team
Every day, specialists assess the packaging, quality, consistency and smoothness of the products.

Quality assurance
A dedicated team sets out the production specifications when a product is being designed. It ensures that each stage is properly observed.

The calibration of the testing instruments and scales is constantly checked.

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