Managed processes
Complete traceability, from the manufacturer to the plate

Transparency is a priority in the food industry. At each stage of the process, we make sure that our raw materials and products are completely traceable. This is to guarantee the consumer's safety and well-being.

Supplier monitoring
From milk producers to cheesemaking federations, each of our suppliers adheres to strict specifications drawn up in agreement with ELSA-MIFROMA.
Similarly, we regularly carry out supplier audits to ensure that they are complying with our high quality standards.

Traceability of the finished product
Samples are taken from each batch of finished products that leaves our production centres.
The samples are kept on our premises. This means that if a problem occurs, the batch in question can be traced immediately.

Precise labelling allows the origin of raw materials and constituents, as well as the place and day of production, to be traced.
For maximum security, future labelling will conform to the SSCC (Serial Shipping Container Code) international standard.
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