Managed processes
Certified quality

In order to guarantee quality and safety, our companies are certified on three different levels: in accordance with legal standards, ISO 9001 and IFS Food standards and specific labels.

Our quality management department also carries out legislative monitoring to anticipate changes in legislation and check that we are compliant as soon as they take effect

Legal standards
Our production centres comply with current Swiss and European legislation.
Our installations, production methods and products are regularly certified by regional chemists and laboratories.

ISO 9001 and IFS Food standards
ELSA is IFS and ISO 9001 certified since 1994. The microbiology laboratory and the milk payment management center are ISO/CEI 17025:2017 certified.
MIFROMA is ISO 9001 and IFS Food certified.

Specific labels
Labels represent an additional guarantee for the consumer.
Some of our products and methods conform to specific labels:

- BIO Suisse and Engagement BIO (organic commitment)
- Regional
- aha !
- Heidi

These labels mean our production processes are subject to regular audits.
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