Le Gruyère AOP

King of cheeses

The history of Gruyere AOP begins in the Middle Ages. During this period, the pastures of the Gruyere region were used by dairy herds and the cheese was produced in the surrounding mountains. Nowadays, it is produced in various cantons: Fribourg obviously, but also Neuchâtel, Bern and Jura.

Produced daily in copper vats, Gruyere AOP is created from raw milk delivered to the cheese dairy twice a day. Each wheel is identified with a casein label and a marking on the heel of the cheese to guarantee traceability. It takes at least five months before a genuine Gruyere cheese is ready for consumption. The different varieties available to the customer, depending on the ripeness of the cheese, are: "doux" (ripened for 5-6 months), "mi-salé" (7-8 months), "salé" (9-10 months), "réserve" or "surchoix" (10 months) and "vieux" (14 months).


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